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Green for You

I called upon the skies above too gray

For a minute or two I thought the wind blew through


Then the clouds convened

Then deemed to rain down

And in the rain

I thought that one shot to kill sound


And when the night blew through

I knew I was green for you

The moon came out and lit it out for two


Then the thunder hit wakened me from my lonely sit

And in the rain alone you shone as my green fit


Youíre it

My fit

Youíre it

My fit


So hear me now

If you listen over there

Across the ways a bit

Hear these words from my lips


Iím green for you


Iíll leave this spot

And have a walk back toward you

Youíll take my green and turn it into a blue

Our blue

Our blue


Exit Left

This all I have to say

I should have left yesterday

But all this pain kept me here

Now I have nothing left to fear



I closed the curtains to make night

You have to sleep when you canít fight

Exit left the stage

Heal these wounds with your sage


And how I end this I donít know

You can stay or you can go

Now Iíll say my last thing

You leave life with what you bring






Same Old Thing

Your Prozac dreams make you hurt

Stomach pains belly burnt

Satin sheets loosened wills

No money to pay our bills


Let the stones fall where they may

Sorry lifeís all array

The phone is off lines are down

Hope you like being bound



I want to find a way back home

To feel and steal and be all alone

(And itís the same old thing)


Yellowed paper on the floor

No reason to ask for more

But you wonít see youíre abused

So stick around be used


No peace in your modem line

No way to see from behind

Begging for nerves to scatter

Oh well nothing matters



The code you want wasnít there

The salt it spilt everywhere

So toss your feelings over

Your broken right shoulder


Your feelings are so retrograde

When lights go down eyes fade

So bury the truth in you

You must like playing a fool


The raw pain that climbs inside

Blackens you every stride

The treason that ate your soul

Could never make you full


Black Lips

Everythingís cold and grey

Dusk wonít set on this day

Weíre all born in a storm

In family life it took form (in her)



Black lips fade

Fly away

Float into you

Cut the sky

Climb on through

And start this life anew (with you)


Pennyless was how she lived

A father with no love to give

And she likes to cut flowers in rain

Her beauty is her pain (in her)




Repeat First Verse





Come right on in

And sit and sit

The show will begin

Again again


On lives we lay

The way we play

And the crew weíre in

Within within



A show

Is a life

How long will they

Watch my life today

Unhitch life away

Blow out my way


Stay there for days


One lives a life

But more but more

Live right there beside

Next door next door


And on we go

In a big show

No man or cop

Will ever stop




To close I will say

Just live the life

Thatís put in your way

Today today


For soon one day

Your show will start

To fade away

One day, someday




All lyrics by Andrew Woodward