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  You have reached the website for Reason to Sleep.

11/14/02 - The Songs link is now active! Follow it to be able to hear streaming versions of our songs, but rest assured, even dial-up users have surprisingly high sound quality. If anyone knows of a good place where we can host actual MP3 files, send us an e-mail. Thanks!

Reason to Sleep 5-song EP
This is our Demo/EP. If you wish to buy a copy, please click on the link above to request one by e-mail. It is currently $3, or $5 if you need it mailed somewhere. Click here for a list of the songs on the CD.

Thank you to Ryan, Pat, and Julien of Betting on the Muse for production of this EP, and to Ryan for a great mastering job.

Latest News:
11/13/02 - Next show coming up is Friday, November 29th at H.W. Briggs. If you were at our last show, you know Briggs rocks! Check shows page for more info. Mark your calendars now!
11/13/02 - Sorry, the tentative show at Industrial Nation this Friday will NOT happen.
11/10/02 - Thanks to all for coming out to the show at H.W. Briggs last Saturday. Any comments/feedback are welcome!